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Winning the Culture War Our Unserious Liberals

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Fighting Purity on Valentine's Day

by Christopher Chantrill
February 14, 2004 at 7:00 pm


DID YOU SHIELD your kids from the teens wearing white T-shirts the day before Valentines Day?  The bigots celebrating the purity of teen abstinence?  Oh good.  That’s what the GLTB community wanted. 

According to the Associated Press “the Day of Purity [was] being watched by groups that promote sexual tolerance” such as the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network and the Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  To them the word purity is “self-righteous” because it is “redefining it in their context to conform to their frankly bigoted agenda.”

I agree.  We must put a stop to this outrage.  The whole concept of purity makes a complete mockery of the gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual agenda, because it points to the truth of sexual relations.  It might encourage kids to think about sex in the larger context of creating and rearing children, rather than choosing a “lifestyle” or being “sexually active.” 

Let’s face it.  The idea of a gay couple staying pure and waiting until they had contracted to a civil union or a “gay marriage” before having sex is laughable.  What would be the point?  Gay sex is all about sex in its limited sense of physical arousal and release, not sex in its larger context of generation.  Thus it is important to attack teenagers thinking about sex in the larger context.

If you think of sex in the larger context, of choosing a mate with whom to create and raise children in the framework of a lifelong partnership, the liberal rubbish about tolerance and alternative lifestyles is revealed as superficial tosh.  In the larger context of sex it matters how you treat the opposite sex; it matters how you are treated by the opposite sex.  It matters how you prepare for sex, and it matters who you do it with.  And when you do it, and how you do it.

But enough of that.  Let’s look at sex from the liberal point of view.  First of all, what about safety?  Mr. President, is it safe?  The answer is: No.  Sex is inherently unsafe.  Sexual relations expose you to risk: the risk of infection, the risk of violence, the risk of depression.  From the safety aspect, liberals ought to declare all teen sexual activity illegal except when approved by a high school sex-counseling professional licensed by the Federal Lifestyles Administration.  And studies show that gay sex cuts twenty years off your life expectancy.  Can Big Tobacco and their evil cigarettes or Big Food and their evil fatty foods match that? 

What about ethics?  Suppose you were writing to “The Ethicist” in The New York Times Magazine:  “My girl-friend and I are really in love but she says she doesn’t want to have sex until we get married.  What should I do?”   Well, liberals, how about it? 

Liberals lived for a generation off their abomination of the “double standard.”  But now they are the guys with the double standard.  They want heavy regulation of modestly unsafe practices in business and they have declared war on mild addictions like tobacco and food.  But they allow millions of teenage girls to get sterilized by clamydia without a peep.

Why is that, liberals?  You force parents to send kids to public school on the off-chance they might be irresponsible about education.  What about teenagers who are irresponsible about sexual safety?  Isn’t it true that mistakes in sex can have much more serious consequences than bad food choices, bad smoking choices, or even evil third world sweatshops?  Shouldn’t helping professionals be empowered to help teens at every stage of their sexual development? 

Don’t despair, people.  In another fifteen years, liberals will suddenly discover that a generation of girls was sterilized by clamydia, and they will decide that teenagers are unable to make good choices about sex.  Then you’ll start reading want ads in the Sunday paper for Teen LifeChoice Enforcement Specialists at your local school district.

There’s a truth about sex that will never go away.  If you want it to be meaningful you should “do” it in the context of the great narrative of life that arches from conception to birth, growth, flowering, seeding, regeneration, aging, and death.  The more you can conform your sexual behavior in its broadest sense to this great narrative, the more meaning you will find in life and in sex. 

But don’t take it from me.  Try it out for yourself.

Christopher Chantrill blogs at www.roadtothemiddleclass.com.

Buy his Road to the Middle Class.

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Finke, Stark, The Churching of America, 1776-1990

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