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GOP Outreach: I'm Flummoxed The American Dream: Not This Way

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Obama and "A Streetcar Named Desire"

by Christopher Chantrill
August 06, 2013 at 12:00 am


YOU TELL ME. Is President Obama best understood as liberalism’s Stanley Kowalski, battle-hardened WWII GI that demolishes the Old South relict Blanche DuBois with his domestic violence and ethnic Polish aggression?

Or is the president Blanche DuBois, weaving fantastical tales of lies and fantasy to divert her sister’s attention from the bankruptcy of the old plantation Belle Reve, and her own personal debacle in drink and sex?

When I saw Tennessee Williams “A Streetcar Named Desire” last weekend at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, it spoke to me on many levels. First, what prophecy! “Streetcar” debuted at the end of 1947, when nobody knew where the US was headed. A new depression? A war with Stalin? But Williams prophesied that the WWII GIs would take over the world, and that the Old South would be their first victim.

And how.

Every fortune, they say, is founded on a great crime. Every empire, then, is founded on a great rape. And so it was with Kowalski. After a summer of Blanche’s lies and fantasies, who is Stanley’s young wife Stella supposed to believe when sister Blanche tells her that Stanley raped her while Stella was at the hospital having her baby?

The answer is obvious. Stella goes with the new world aborning with her battle-hardened GI, even if he is “common” and occasionally violent, and she hands her embarrassing sister over to the tender mercies of the state looney bin. Government is force, they say. And isn’t that convenient when you need batty old Blanche out of the way?

Really, 1947 was liberals’ finest hour. They could cheer a play like “Streetcar.” They could turn the son of Polish immigrants into a 100 percent American master sergeant. They could be laying the groundwork for the civil-rights decade. They could have the common-sense to put the New Deal wrecking ball back in the corner while the economy revived and created jobs and Levittowns for the wiving and thriving of the Greatest Generation.

When the cocktail waitress here on an Ashland Main Street watering hole told us that she enjoyed her job, even though it often meant a 10 or 12 hour day, I complimented her effort as “real working class.” My daughter reproved me for my insolence. So it’s just as well that I didn’t go on.

After all, there she is, doubtless a bright young college graduate and enthusiastic Obama voter, brimming with Hope and Change but working like a dog and buried in student debt while I am watching my stocks elevate on clouds of Bernanke-flation.

Yes, it will all end in tears for baby boomers like me. But nothing like the tears in store for today’s young ’uns, whose rage should leap all bounds when they find out how Obama and the ruling class have betrayed them and buried their generation in debt.

Back in World War II the ruling class sent the Greatest Generation out to battle fascism, and racked up a debt of 150 percent of GDP. I’d say it was a worthwhile investment when they brought most of the GIs back to create the 1950s prosperity.

But now we have President Obama and his stockyard workers successfully herding women into one segregated pen with his War on Women cattle prods, while stampeding African Americans into another with frightening race cards. We are racking up another huge debt, and from what? Handing out affordable housing so we could blow up the credit system.

Already Detroit is broke, mainly due to the 20 year reign of the black racist Mayor Coleman Young. Did you know that Coleman Young was a Tuskegee Airman in WWII? While he was dividing Detroit up by race I guess he never said like Stanley Kowalski, a fellow GI, in response to an ethnic slur:

But what I am is one-hundred-percent-American, born in the greatest country on earth and proud of it, so don’t ever call me a Polack.

That’s the kind of attitude you can get in the rising generation if the ruling class decides to unite Americans instead of dividing them.

Now it’s your turn. Do you think that President Obama is the brash Kowalski, smashing out a future for a resurgent liberalism? Or do you think he and his TelePrompTer are, like Blanche DuBois, weaving themselves into a web of lies, so that at the critical moment, when the president really needs us to believe him, we will turn away in embarrassment and call out the nurse from the State Hospital to wrestle his decadent liberalism to the floor?

Here’s a clue to help you decide. Barack Obama, throughout his charmed life, has always depended on the kindness of lefty strangers.

Christopher Chantrill blogs at www.roadtothemiddleclass.com.

Buy his Road to the Middle Class.

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The incentive that impels a man to act is always some uneasiness... But to make a man act [he must have] the expectation that purposeful behavior has the power to remove or at least to alleviate the felt uneasiness.
Ludwig von Mises, Human Action


“But I saw a man yesterday who knows a fellow who had it from a chappie that said that Urquhart had been dipping himself a bit recklessly off the deep end.”  —Freddy Arbuthnot
Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poison

China and Christianity

At first, we thought [the power of the West] was because you had more powerful guns than we had. Then we thought it was because you had the best political system. Next we focused on your economic system. But in the past twenty years, we have realized that the heart of your culture is your religion: Christianity.
David Aikman, Jesus in Beijing


[In the] higher Christian churches... they saunter through the liturgy like Mohawks along a string of scaffolding who have long since forgotten their danger. If God were to blast such a service to bits, the congregation would be, I believe, genuinely shocked. But in the low churches you expect it every minute.
Annie Dillard, Holy the Firm

Civil Society

“Civil Society”—a complex welter of intermediate institutions, including businesses, voluntary associations, educational institutions, clubs, unions, media, charities, and churches—builds, in turn, on the family, the primary instrument by which people are socialized into their culture and given the skills that allow them to live in broader society and through which the values and knowledge of that society are transmitted across the generations.
Francis Fukuyama, Trust

Class War

In England there were always two sharply opposed middle classes, the academic middle class and the commercial middle class. In the nineteenth century, the academic middle class won the battle for power and status... Then came the triumph of Margaret Thatcher... The academics lost their power and prestige and... have been gloomy ever since.
Freeman Dyson, “The Scientist as Rebel”


Conservatism is the philosophy of society. Its ethic is fraternity and its characteristic is authority — the non-coercive social persuasion which operates in a family or a community. It says ‘we should...’.
Danny Kruger, On Fraternity

Conservatism's Holy Grail

What distinguishes true Conservatism from the rest, and from the Blair project, is the belief in more personal freedom and more market freedom, along with less state intervention... The true Third Way is the Holy Grail of Tory politics today - compassion and community without compulsion.
Minette Marrin, The Daily Telegraph


“When we received Christ,” Phil added, “all of a sudden we now had a rule book to go by, and when we had problems the preacher was right there to give us the answers.”
James M. Ault, Jr., Spirit and Flesh

Democratic Capitalism

I mean three systems in one: a predominantly market economy; a polity respectful of the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and a system of cultural institutions moved by ideals of liberty and justice for all. In short, three dynamic and converging systems functioning as one: a democratic polity, an economy based on markets and incentives, and a moral-cultural system which is plural and, in the largest sense, liberal.
Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

Drang nach Osten

There was nothing new about the Frankish drive to the east... [let] us recall that the continuance of their rule depended upon regular, successful, predatory warfare.
Richard Fletcher, The Barbarian Conversion


“We have met with families in which for weeks together, not an article of sustenance but potatoes had been used; yet for every child the hard-earned sum was provided to send them to school.”
E. G. West, Education and the State

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