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Orlando: You Know It Means War House Sit-in: Dems Jump the Shark

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Cut the Cringe: Because It’s Appeasement All the Way Down

by Christopher Chantrill
June 21, 2016 at 12:00 am


YOU ALL KNOW what I mean by The Cringe. It’s the reflex of every conservative and Republican notable when the media catches them making a WrongThink statement. When Donald Trump raises the question of a Hispanic-American judge belonging to an organization with “Raza” in its name, Republican notables go into the Cringe. When Donald Trump raises a question about what’s going on with President Obama’s approach to Islam, Republican notables go into the Cringe.

When the usual liberal suspects blame Christians and conservatives and the NRA for the Orlando massacre, because hate, there doesn’t seem anyone, any notable, with the cojones to organize a fight-back. Sure, nobodies like me may object. Somebodies like Jonah Goldberg may object. But who cares about that? The problem is that nobody in the conservative/Republican establishment is is prepared to take the risk, to go on offense, and make the Democrats pay for their lies.

I know it’s hard. CBS fugitive Sharyl Attkisson reckons that there has never been a period like the present for enforcing ruling class orthodoxy in the media, and almost everything that conservatives — or I should say non-liberals — want is off-limits to our ruling class and not to be endured. The likely result for any courageous fool contesting the ruling-class narrative is end of career or worse.

And yet, while liberals are the most repulsive bullies where straight white Christian American CEOs are concerned, they are the most cringing cowards where everything else is concerned. It seems eerily familiar to the appeasement of the 1930s where the British and French ruling classes were open in their desire not to upset Herr Hitler.

So, I ask myself, what was really going down in the appeasement of the Nazis? Why were Britain and France blind to the provocations of the Nazis and the roadmap laid out in Mein Kampf?

The answer is that doing something about Hitler meant that the ruling class would have to abandon the world view that all good educated people had developed after World War I, the idea of “never again” and collective security and arms limitation treaties and Peace. It is easy for us to sneer at the naivété of the ruling class in those times. But we all know how hard it is to admit we are wrong, even in the smallest things. Imagine how hard it is to deal with the fact that your whole worldview is collapsed upon the floor.

Like most ruling classes, our liberal friends have constructed their world view to paint a pretty picture of themselves as a caring compassionate lords of the manor. Their faith is that, without them, women and minorities would go to the wall, because racists, sexists, homophobes.

But their faith has a little problem. Magnificent as it is for establishing domestic political hegemony and domination for educated liberals and casting white Christian heterosexual gun-loving men into outer darkness, it has nothing to say about, say, radical Muslims that want to take over the world. On the liberal view, Muslims are helpless victims of capitalism and colonialism and maybe even the Crusades, and liberals are here to help them and end their marginalization and humiliation under the horror of Islamophobia. Why, if a US-born Afghan-American decides to go out and shoot up a Hispanic gay bar, it must be that he was carefully taught to hate by home-grown gun-loving white Christian gay bashers.

Shout-out to Hispanics and gays and Hispanic gays: Liberals don’t care about people like you; they only care about your vote.

What do we do about it? Steve Sailer has a nice little piece about a previous terror panic in the US. It occurred a century ago during the last immigration surge, as “anarchists” ran around with bombs assassinating national politicians. Sacco and Vanzetti, innocent or guilty, were members of an anarchist group. It all got settled when the US passed an immigration bill and deported about 556 anarchists (including the sainted Emma Goldman) in the 1920s.

I’d say it was the deportation thing that did the trick. Think of it as the flip side of the terrorist credo: “kill one innocent and frighten a million.” In this case it is “deport one terrorist and knock some sense into a thousand.” After all, no home-grown terrorist actually wants to go back “home;” they are just mad as hell at their pathetic life as a security guard and they are not going to take it any more. Perhaps we could also improve a few attitudes by sending would-be ISIS fighters to Americanism boot camp. But leave off the terror, pal.

Don’t expect our liberal friends to figure this out any time soon. But we Neanderthals can at least demand that our conservative and Republicans notables Cut the Cringe. As in lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Christopher Chantrill blogs at www.roadtothemiddleclass.com.

Buy his Road to the Middle Class.

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What Liberals Think About Conservatives

[W]hen I asked a liberal longtime editor I know with a mainstream [publishing] house for a candid, shorthand version of the assumptions she and her colleagues make about conservatives, she didn't hesitate. “Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-choice fascists,” she offered, smiling but meaning it.
Harry Stein, I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican

US Life in 1842

Families helped each other putting up homes and barns. Together, they built churches, schools, and common civic buildings. They collaborated to build roads and bridges. They took pride in being free persons, independent, and self-reliant; but the texture of their lives was cooperative and fraternal.
Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

Taking Responsibility

[To make] of each individual member of the army a soldier who, in character, capability, and knowledge, is self-reliant, self-confident, dedicated, and joyful in taking responsibility [verantwortungsfreudig] as a man and a soldier. — Gen. Hans von Seeckt
MacGregor Knox, Williamson Murray, ed., The dynamics of military revolution, 1300-2050

Society and State

For [the left] there is only the state and the individual, nothing in between. No family to rely on, no friend to depend on, no community to call on. No neighbourhood to grow in, no faith to share in, no charities to work in. No-one but the Minister, nowhere but Whitehall, no such thing as society - just them, and their laws, and their rules, and their arrogance.
David Cameron, Conference Speech 2008

Socialism equals Animism

Imagining that all order is the result of design, socialists conclude that order must be improvable by better design of some superior mind.
F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit


[Every] sacrifice is an act of impurity that pays for a prior act of greater impurity... without its participants having to suffer the full consequences incurred by its predecessor. The punishment is commuted in a process that strangely combines and finesses the deep contradiction between justice and mercy.
Frederick Turner, Beauty: The Value of Values

Responsible Self

[The Axial Age] highlights the conception of a responsible self... [that] promise[s] man for the first time that he can understand the fundamental structure of reality and through salvation participate actively in it.
Robert N Bellah, "Religious Evolution", American Sociological Review, Vol. 29, No. 3.

Religion, Property, and Family

But the only religions that have survived are those which support property and the family. Thus the outlook for communism, which is both anti-property and anti-family, (and also anti-religion), is not promising.
F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit

Racial Discrimination

[T]he way “to achieve a system of determining admission to the public schools on a nonracial basis,” Brown II, 349 U. S., at 300–301, is to stop assigning students on a racial basis. The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.
Roberts, C.J., Parents Involved in Community Schools vs. Seattle School District


A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ’merely relative’, is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.
Roger Scruton, Modern Philosophy

Physics, Religion, and Psychology

Paul Dirac: “When I was talking with Lemaître about [the expanding universe] and feeling stimulated by the grandeur of the picture that he has given us, I told him that I thought cosmology was the branch of science that lies closest to religion. However [Georges] Lemaître [Catholic priest, physicist, and inventor of the Big Bang Theory] did not agree with me. After thinking it over he suggested psychology as lying closest to religion.”
John Farrell, “The Creation Myth”


Within Pentecostalism the injurious hierarchies of the wider world are abrogated and replaced by a single hierarchy of faith, grace, and the empowerments of the spirit... where groups gather on rafts to take them through the turbulence of the great journey from extensive rural networks to the mega-city and the nuclear family...
David Martin, On Secularization

presented by Christopher Chantrill

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