Here is unbiased a infrequently information about a vast man who (by his stellar reputation) has been dubbed the Americas Gold Expert.

Meet Michael Fuljenz, Americas Gold Expert

Michael Fuljenz is avowed nationwide for his expertise in rare coins and precious metals Throughout his career, agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), United States Postal Service (USPS), United States Mint, Numismatic Crime Information Center, Royal Canadian Mint, and supplementary retain used his expertise Michael Fuljenz leads a busy life! Mike is an award winning originator of books, newsletters, a contributor to major coin remuneration guides and a MoneyNewscom insider columnist.Mr Fuljenz has taught numismatic subjects such as counterfeit detection, and coin grading. Among his peers he has been known as an skilful and has been a past recipient of the American Numismatic Association’s Presidential Service Award From 1986 until now Mr Fuljenz has won a whopping 44 rewards in 10 different categories from the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) The NLG is a respected nonprofit organization composed of authors, editors and publishers who survey and sunshade infrequent coins, precious materials, and paper fiscal extensivelyAs foregone as August 2012, Michael Fuljenz form an outstanding index of stunt at the Worlds Fair of Money in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he won 6 new NLG bays Once of which included the Best Dealer Publication award for his Personal Gold Guide. He was furthermore presented with the 1st cranny Excellence in the Media in the Brochure category (again for his Personal Gold Guide) at The Press Club of Southeast Texas Another blatant achievement in 2012 is that he provided brilliant consultant job to the Royal Canadian Mint on the decoration for the 2013 Silver Antelope coin designIn April of 2012, Micheal Fuljenz had the privilege to honor many Medal of Honor recipients attending the NRA Annual Meeting in St Louis with the US Mints Medal of Honor Silver Dollar. The coin was accompanied with a Heroes of America DVD Feel discharge to click on the click to find out more details and highlights of the eventWith this article alone, and his overly impressive resume, one can see that Mike Fuljenz truly lives up to his revered moniker as Americas Gold Expert.

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