Song prose is an superior component allowance of the time-honored brand Chinese culture. The prose is well avowed for its beautiful rhyme and artistic notion Dielianhua (Butterfly loves flowers) is a esteemed prose interval in literary cosmos People are acutely moved by the passion stories immersed among the prose. The above speech may seem meaningless for you at first, but it is definitely not nonsense. It is all about flower, butterfly and their relations

Innovative Dior Butterfly Necklace and Daisy Necklace

Jewelry can be ultra-luxurious, but it is the announcement overdue that makes the jewelry piece timeless. Personally I like the pleasing daisy uncommonly much Both the butterfly and the daisy flower are hand-lacquered The butterfly necklace made by 18k white gold, diamond and lacquer is priced at 1,090.00 sterling pounds, while the daisy one made from silver gold, diamond and lacquer retails for 1,05000 sterling pounds Both necklaces hold accomplished gouge diamonds. The two poetic and feminine necklaces are 40 cm wanting with a 38cm variable length

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By Hong