Beads:Swarovski Crystal may be the prime crystal beads, due to their clarity, color and variety. Swarovski is an Austrian troupe that makes high-quality rhinestones, beautiful dent crystals, garb jewelry, and fresh glass-related items

Know Your Gemstone and Jewelry Terms

Know Your Gemstone and Jewelry Terms

Czech Glass Beads retain the corresponding vibrancy and shine as the Swarovski crystal, yet are a additional cost effective alternative

Metals:Bali Beads are handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia and are singular in quality and actuality Because these items are individually crafted from silver by many bead artisans, there may be slight variations in bead size, form, form size, and oxidation. Because of its popularity, more countries are now producing this genus of beads Therefore, the period “Bali beads” is now generally referring to “Bali-style beads”. Bali Silver usually has less than 92.5% silver issue therefore cannot be identified as sterling Handmade Bali beads are far additional noted in quality, giving other value to your jewelry.

Hill Tribe Silver of Thailand (Thai Silver) are beads and pendants that obtain been made by the ethnic minorities that live in the mound regions of northern Thailand

Rhodium is a white precious metal Rhodium is often used to plate precious and base metals, giving jewelry a hard, platinum-like sheen

Sterling silver is becoming one of the most catchy metals in the jewelry industry. Most relatives that hold allergic reactions to some metals are able to wear sterling silver Sterling silver is possible to clean and care for It will taint with time, but a seldom rubbing with a polishing cloth, and it will look welfare as new

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14kt gold-filled or 1/20 gold is created by heating and pressure-bonding a layer of 14kt gold to a brass core. The gold-filled wire is tarnish-resistant and has a much change value than gold-plated because it has an genuine layer, not fair a minuscule film The layer of 14kt gold entrust not form off like gold-plated metals either


Agate comes in many forms and colors It is a variety of chalcedony that occurs in rocks like volcanic lava Agate is distinguished from chalcedony by the distinct banding that runs through it Wearers of agate are guaranteed health, affluence and a wanting life I’d reform secure myself a strand!

Amethyst IS the most valuable burrow of quartz It’s color ranges from embellish to threatening purple. Amethyst promotes inner quiet & blessed insight Wow! Works awful heavy and fair think, all you have to do is wear it!

Aquamarine is laudable for thinking Gives a sense of peace and serenity

Aventurine is in the quartz successors It has tiny flecks of mica throughout it It’s color ranges from pale to medium green. Aventurine helps to dissolve unhealthy thoughts, doctrine and material physical problems It assists in keeping one balanced and harmonized

Black Onyx is not onyx at all It is chalcedony, which is another variety of quartz, that has been dyed black

Hematite is a gemstones that are made up of iron oxide and has an recondite and iridescent surface It’s admitted to calm, soothe, and absence stress. Sounds like a cup of tea, to me!

Bloodstone is a mighty healer and physical detergent It purifies bloodstreams and strengthens kidneys, liver and spleen

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Blue Lace Agate clears voice and communications and gives insight into intricate problems.

Carnelian motive and gives swivel into the bestow moment It moreover stimulates curiosity and initiative

Onyx is a semi limpid to obscure quartz that comes in a extensive span of colors–reds, apricot, oranges, and browns It is oral to preserve the wearer from any negativity

Pearls are becoming supplementary affordable due to the cultured pearls available from China It helps the wearer to have self-acceptance and added femininity

Rhodolite is from the garnet progeny One of the reasons that Rhodolite made such a high spatter is because of it’s accomplished purple coloring, familiar to the color of grape juice Rhodolite is a remarkably lasting gem peanut with a 7.5 on the mohs hardness scale.

Rose Quartz is a sort of quartz that ranges in color from pink to deep red

Smoky Quartz is becoming very captivating in jewelry It’s color is pale to a fecund smoky brown. It is oral to welfare those that are dealing with dejection and fatigue.

Turquoise is a nut that comes in a sweeping scale of colors, the finest being an intense blue, with the poorer color tending to be anaemic fresh All turquoise commit turn colors with aging. It is uncommonly superior to manage sake care of your turquoise to minimize discoloration Turquoise is considered by some to be a lucky stone

The Mohs Scale is a measurement that tells a substance’s hardness The higher the mohs numeral (1-10) the fresh continuing the gem seed Diamonds are 10 on the Mohs scale, while Amethyst is a 7 and Ruby is a 9.

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Other:Mother of Pearl is a supplementary affordable system to engage the luster of jewel jewelry It is the wadding of the shell that houses the pearl.

Raku is a unique ceramic firing process Each piece is sealed with a glaze that is gangling in copper Each piece is fired in a ceramic kiln until the heat from the piece ignites paper, causing a sentiment with the copper in the glaze The result is a sweeping reach of colors on the surface of the piece finished of beautiful colors, luster, and patterns

Greek Leather is confessed for its smooth finish and consistent color

Misnamed Stones:This is an issue that was discussed on the Jewelry Making forum. The sequential “stones” are not necessarily even stones

The Fruit Quartz’ – Cherry quartz, woebegone quartz, strawberry quartz, pineapple quartz are all synthetic beads that are made to look like quartz They are inert a beautiful bead and add loveliness to many pieces of jewelry As wanting as they are identified as being synthetic, there is not a interrogation with these “quartz'” There is such a phenomenon as real cherry quartz, but is uncommonly casual and intensely expensive

Amazonite is sometimes fair dyed onyx that is being sold as amazonite.

Moonstone is sometimes no fresh than pressed glass

Goldstone is a manmade product made out of copper crystals in glass Goldstone is sometimes sold as a semi-precious gemstone

Rhodocrosite/Rhodonite are sometimes confused for each other

Rhodocrosite has white striations and rhodonite is black

Chalcedony is actually agate. It comes in a variety of colors Chrysophrase and carnelian are both types of chalcedony.


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