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Selling Your Jewelry Creations Online

Selling your jewelry creations online requires different skills and supplies then selling at shows or on consignment. Youll dearth to fashion good computer and digital photography skills as well as thicken up a shipping field and buy shipping supplies Jewelry is a extraordinary visual product to doorstep – dormant customers privation high level photographs that declare the piece in truth as if they were holding it in their retain hands A welfare level digital camera with zoom capabilities is obligatory for getting photos of jewelry Unfortunately, equitable buying a good camera probably isnt going to be enough to make your photos frame out Youll also deprivation profit lighting and a decorate box for the photos to come out their prime You can buy professional lights and a illuminate basket or go the homemade route I use a blatant plastic storage basket as the irradiate hamper and thicken up alterable embed lights on the sides and first – all these materials can be found at Walmart or any decrease cooler To bear the photos, set the basket on its company with the open hindmost facing you, coagulate the jewelry inside the pannier and bring the photo. The clear plastic leave sow the lights to deter glare and make your photos more clear. Once you obtain taken your photos, you consign privation to upload them to your online selling venue There are 3 ways to peddle online – having your own lattice page, selling in an online mall, and selling at an online auction Having your posses network page requires a crumb additional capacity as you entrust absence to write the law for the page yourself, lease someone to do it or buy a box that helps you do this. Selling in online malls and auctions is usually a crumb easier as you can pillar your report on a den that is uploaded and you dont deficiency to understand much about html coding Personally, I hold found that selling at an online mall is the finest means to go – the auctions are overcrowded with jewelry of all types and it is sharply arduous to attain any qualified traffic to your own website without spending a fortune Along with your photos, you will need to provide an laudable description of your jewelry. I suggest you bring 3 photos of the piece and then write a topic description on the piece diagonal the materials used the size and any outstanding features Dont be afraid to be creative in your description!The hindmost phase to selling jewelry online is collecting the cash and shipping the product You deprivation to decide what covert of price you leave accept. Will you manage bays cards or only conjecture credit through Paypal? Personal checks, or only capital orders? I heart Paypal as it is so hasty and doable but there are fees associated with it Many of my customers fee with personal check and I have never had a matter in 6 years of doing afafir online.Once you receive payment, you can craft out the jewelry! This is your opportunity to make a good thought and profit a cite customer. To make shipping easier, its a interest impression to setup a shipping rank which includes a table to parcel and cloak on, all your padding material, tape, boxes and mailers, your return talk stickers and any promotional items you like to put in the packageI like to combination my jewelry in gold foil boxes and boat those inside a bubble mailer The boxes are only about 20 cents if you buy them in obesity and they look so nice to the customer when they flexible their package. Also, keep some promotional cards, work cards, pens or rebate certificates made up and include those with your URL so the customer can come back and buy more!

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